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We don’t particularly like to brag, but people all over the country recognize the unique quality of our fine foods.  Not satisfied with savory memories, they frequently contact us to ship their deli favorites to wherever they may now live or be vacationing.  If you would like to enjoy our fine Stage delicacies in the comfort of your own home but you happen to be in California or some such far off land, do not despair.  Simply email or phone us and we will arrange to overnight a package of deli goodness.  Below are a couple of suggested deli packages.  Feel free to browse our From the Delicatessen offerings for a full list of items available for shipment.

Deli Care Package
1 lb. Corned Beef, 1 lb Pastrami, 1 whole seedless rye, 1 pt. Potato Salad, 1 pt. Coleslaw, ½ pt Russian Dressing, 2 Old Dill and 2 New Dill Pickles, 1 Bottle of Deli Mustard
Sunday Brunch Essentials
1 lb Nova Lox, ½ lb Smoked Sable, 1 lb Smoked Whitefish, 1 lb Albacore Tuna Salad, Dozen Assorted Bagels

***All packages serve 6 people and are packed for 24 hour shipment.  Preparation instructions are included.  Shipping is not included and is priced directly from the shipper, usually Federal Express.  Shipments are made Monday through Thursday, so plan ahead.